The Secret Thief
Judith Jaeger

Writing workshops

"Judy Jaeger is a kind and intelligent instructor who, with great care, will point out to you what in your writing could use work, but in such a way that you tackle the re-write with confidence and a renewed sense of your own power.  I'm looking forward to the next session."

- Johana Frappier

Judy offers a variety of writing workshops for a range of ages. Judy underwent teacher training to earn her Master of Fine Arts degree and has since introduced middle schoolers, young adults and adults of all ages to the rewards of fiction and creative writing. She teaches regularly at a popular adult education and enrichment program in her area and has also taught workshops at schools and senior centers. E-mail her at to discuss the possibilities and fees.


These workshops can be adapted to age level and number of sessions, from one day to several weeks. If these workshops don't meet your needs, Judy can design a workshop for your organization.

Fiction Writing

An exploration of various aspects of fiction writing, such as character development, plot and dramatic structure. Includes in-class writing exercises and take-home assignments. For writers of all levels. Has been taught to senior citizens.

"I loved your course. It was well organized and helpful. I enjoyed the framework and would love to take another course with you. But the feedback and sharing were the best parts for me."

- Heide Eberhardt

Advanced Fiction

For writers who want to explore elements of the craft of fiction writing more deeply and dig into their own work. Points of craft such as plot, setting, character, point of view and theme are studied and used in developing new work, finishing existing work or revising a finished piece. The primary goal is for students to work on and share their own works in progress. For writers of all levels.

"Taking one of Judy's classes is a springboard into the world of creativity. Her style of teaching not only encourages you to grasp that dream of completing a story, she guides your through the maze of uncertainty all novice writers face. Her experience as a writer, both personally and professionally take you to that next level in your work."

- Kathy Mosio

Fun with Writing

Takes the fear and sweat out of creative writing. Five-minute writing exercises get the pen moving and spark the imagination. Gives new writers the chance to write, and helps experienced writers who may be feeling blocked, tired or bored with their writing. For writers of all levels.

I took a writing class with Judy a few years ago and it literally 'lit me up' . I realize looking back and after a few other disappointing teachers that facilitating writers is a balancing act of great skill. One must inspire, correct, corral and inspire again. Judy does just that.

- Stacy Amaralt

Introduction to Creative Writing

Uses memoir to explore points of craft and progresses to turning life experience into fiction. Usually taught with Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird to introduce students to the writing life. For writers of all levels. Has been taught at the undergraduate college level.

"Whether you're looking to invigorate an existing manuscript, or just want to improve your writing skills, take a course with Judy. She encourages. She inspires. And she threads real-life experiences as a published author throughout her lessons....With Judy, I learned how to turn words that tell a story into words that evoke emotion. My writing style has taken on a whole different dynamic as a result."

- Christian Bousquet

School visits

Judy visits elementary, middle and high schools to discuss the importance of being able to write well, fiction writing and the writing life, and often includes a writing exercise as part of her visit. Grade four and above preferred. E-mail Judy to discuss the possibilities and fees.